Product manufacturers have a duty to place products on the market that are safe for their intended purpose and any reasonably foreseeable use. When they fail in that duty and release products that injure the consumer, the Albuquerque product liability attorneys at Duhigg, Cronin, Spring, & Berlin, P.A. can pursue a product liability claim that holds the manufacturers accountable for their actions and compensates the injured for their damages.

Dangerous Products and Legal Liability in Albuquerque

Product defects usually fall into one of three categories:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failure to warn

Defective product cases are governed by a complex area of the law that attorneys often refer to as “products liability,” and claims are brought on the basis of legal theories known as “strict liability” and “negligence.”

The first thing that must be done to protect your legal rights in a case like this is to preserve the product. It is also important to choose a law firm that has access to the appropriate types of experts and the financial resources needed to withstand well-funded defendants who may have hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in the outcome.

We have those resources because we have a combined 60 years of experience successfully representing victims of negligence. We can offer you the kind of personal, face-to-face representation and service that many others either cannot, or do not, provide.

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